Wang Jingwei’s Ideas

Wang Jingwei (Lincoln Memorial University collection)
“I admire Lincoln’s ‘Of the People, by the People, for the people.’ During the American Civil War between the South and the North the spirit of Lincoln’s love for humanity and his country and his love for his enemies as his love for his friends touches my heart evermore.”
Wang Jingwei received a formal letter from Dr. Robert Stanley McCordock, a professor of the Department of History and Citizenship at Lincoln Memorial University in 1937, asking him to contribute his signed autograph to be included in a project collecting autographs of world famous people and leaders. Wang Jingwei gladly sent his autograph along with a short letter expressing his personal view of Lincoln. The letter now in the Hall of Holography Collection at Lincoln Memorial University cogently explains Wang Jingwei’s political ideal, which had first propelled him to risk his own life for revolution and later had made him risk his historical legacy in favor of the Peace Movement. It is only through the scrutiny of his speeches, essays, and poetry – the forms he considered to be his “true autobiography” – that we are offered a window into his true beliefs, ideals and deepest emotions.