Recorded Speeches

Wang Jingwei was known to be one of modern China’s great orators. Unlike most of his contemporaries, Wang’s public speeches could be truly spell-binding and persuasive. Yet recordings of his speeches are few in number and exceedingly rare today. These nine recordings, some in Cantonese, others in Southwestern Mandarin, provide a sample for researchers to experience the tone and cadence of Wang’s speechmaking. The texts of Wang’s many other speeches not included here can be found on this page.

“Clarifying Two Types of Doubts,” 22 July 1939.  Read text here.

(廣東話) (in Cantonese)

〈兩種懷疑心理之解釋〉,一九三九年七月二十二日 (廣東話)

(西南官話) (in Southwestern Mandarin)

〈兩種懷疑心理之解釋〉,一九三九年七月二十二日 (西南官話)


“How to Achieve Peace?” 9 August 1939 (in Cantonese) Introduction likely by Lin Bosheng.  Read text here.

〈怎樣實現和平〉,一九三九年八月九日 (廣東話)


Broadcast to the Japanese on the Nationalist Government’s Return to the Capital, 30 March 1940 (in Southwestern Mandarin). Read text here.

〈國民政府還都對日廣播〉,一九四〇年三月三十日 (西南官話)


The Relations between Party Rule and Democracy. Date unknown (in Southwestern Mandarin) Read text here.