Recorded Speeches

Wang Jingwei was known to be one of modern China’s great orators. Unlike most of his contemporaries, Wang’s public speeches could be truly spell-binding and persuasive. Yet recordings of his speeches are few in number and exceedingly rare today. These nine recordings, some in Cantonese, others in Southwestern Mandarin, provide a sample for researchers to experience the tone and cadence of Wang’s speechmaking. The texts of Wang’s many other speeches not included here can be found on this page.

<兩種懷疑心理之解釋>,一九三九年七月二十二日.  點此查閱.

“Clarifying Two Types of Doubts,” 22 July 1939.  Read text here.

(廣東話) (in Cantonese)

<兩種懷疑心理之解釋>,一九三九年七月二十二日 (廣東話)

(西南官話) (in Southwestern Mandarin)

<兩種懷疑心理之解釋>,一九三九年七月二十二日 (西南官話)



“How to Achieve Peace?” 9 August 1939 (in Cantonese) Introduction likely by Lin Bosheng.  Read text here.

<怎樣實現和平>,一九三九年八月九日 (廣東話)



Broadcast to the Japanese on the Nationalist Government’s Return to the Capital, 30 March 1940 (in Southwestern Mandarin). Read text here.

<國民政府還都對日廣播>,一九四〇年三月三十日 (西南官話)


<黨治同民主政治的關係>,日期不詳 (西南官話)點此查閱.

The Relations between Party Rule and Democracy. Date unknown (in Southwestern Mandarin) Read text here.