Wang Jingwei’s Life


. . . I believe my speeches and essays represent my life story most truthfully… My determination for revolution has never changed. Yet, my attitudes toward people and events have changed throughout the years, and I am always outspoken about the reasons behind the changes. As for whether these reasons are right or wrong, I invite people of the present and the future to make their own comments.

Wang Jingwei is one of the most controversial figures in modern Chinese history. As a young revolutionary, he was arrested for the attempted assassination of Manchu regent, Zaifeng. Wang was among the most powerful men in the Guomindang, as well as in the Nationalist government, after the death of Sun Yat-sen. Toward the end of his life, he reorganized the Nationalist government in Nanjing to negotiate with Japan for peaceful resolution during World War II. Not only a key figure in the political history of modern China, Wang Jingwei was also an accomplished poet and writer who expressed his deepest self through language. “Wang Jingwei’s Life” presents his biography, poetry, writingstimeline, associations, genealogy, and recollections from people who knew him.


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