Chen family genealogy


To facilitate the understanding of the complex relationships among members of the Wang Jingwei, Chen Bijun, Ho Mang Hang, Zeng Xing and Fang Junying families, we have prepared four genealogy charts, with additional information about various individuals. Rather than include every member of the various families, we focus on family members who were closely related to Wang Jingwei’s activities and those who played important roles in the political history of the Republic.

  • Wei Yuelang, from Panyu, Guangdong. She visited Sun Yat-sen in Singapore with her daughter Chen Bijun, and together they joined the Tongmenghui. She fully supported Chen Bijun’s revolutionary actions, and used her private savings to rescue Wang Jingwei after he was arrested. Chen Bijun’s 1935 essay “My Mother” (which actually was written by Wang Jingwei) lauded her mother’s contribution.

  • Chen Genquan, from Xinhui, Guangdong, was a xiucai (scholar at the county level). He later went to Malaysia and became millionaire in the rubber and tin mining industries, and the locals nicknamed him Chen Baiwan (Millionaire Chen).

  • Chen Jizu was the eldest brother of Chen Bijun and studied in England. He was a practicing lawyer in Penang. All his four sons had close relationship with the Wang family.

  • Chen Yaozu (1892-1944), was the younger brother of Chen Bijun. In 1923 he accompanied Chen Bijun to the U.S. to raise money for the Zhixin School. In 1940 he replaced Chen Gongbo as the governor of Guangdong Province. He was assassinated in Guangzhou in 1944.

  • Chen Weizhun was Chen Bijun’s fifth stepsister.
  • Tan Xihong (1891-1956), courtesy name Xhongkui, was a native of Jiangsu. After receiving a Master’s degree in France, he returned to China and founded the biology department at Beijing University as is first Chair. In 1916 he married Chen Bijun’s fifth stepsister Chen Weijun.  After she died from illness in 1922, he married Chen Bijun’s seventh stepsister Chen Shujun.
  • Chen Shuzhun was Chen Bijun’s seventh stepsister.
  • Chen Guoqiang, a nephew of Chen Bijun, graduated in aviation mechanical engineering in Germany, and was the director of the Guangdong Arsenal.

  • Chen Guoxin, a nephew of Chen Bijun, served in the Central Reserve Bank.
  • Chen Guofeng, a nephew of Chen Bijun, graduated in biology from the University of Shanghai. He was the deputy minister of Foreign Affairs in Wang Jingwei’s Nanjing Government.