Fang family genealogy


To facilitate the understanding of the complex relationships among members of the Wang Jingwei, Chen Bijun, Ho Mang Hang, Zeng Xing and Fang Junying families, we have prepared four genealogy charts, with additional information about various individuals. Rather than include every member of the various families, we focus on family members who were closely related to Wang Jingwei’s activities and those who played important roles in the political history of the Republic.

  • Fang Shenglian (-1903), from Houguan (today’s Minhou), Fujian, was the 4th son of the Fang family. He died young and was survived by his wife Zeng Xing and their infant son Fang Xianchu.

  • Fang Shengtao (1885-1934), was the 6th son of the Fang family. He joined the Tongmenghui while studying in Japan, followed Sun Yat-sen’s revolutionary cause and supported the National Protection and the Constitutional Protection Movements.

  • Fang Shengdong (1886-1911) was the 7th son of the Fang family. He joined the Tongmenghui while studying in Japan. He was killed during the Huanghuagang Uprising. His name is the first on the stele at the Huanghuagang Mausoleum of the Seventy-two Martyrs .

  • Fang Xianchu (1901-?) served as a member of the Overseas Affairs, a vice consul in the Philippines and county magistrate of Jinshan County of Shanghai in Wang Jingwei’s Nanjing Government.

  • Fang Xianxu (1910-1999) had just turned one when his father Fang Shengdong was killed for the revolution. When he was 11, he was sent to study in France by his mother, under the care of the seventh aunt Junying and the eleventh aunt Junbi. He taught at the China Foreign Affairs University in Beijing from the 1950’s on.